Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Tis the Season to SPARKLE!!

'Tis the Season to SPARKLE!!!
Club Sun Devils Wear Prada had a great night of holiday styling and making friends! 
JC Penney opened their doors to us for personal styling and gave us beautiful options to dress for this Holiday Season!! The JCPenney salon coiffed each of our students models as well as the make up artists in Sephora made each model shine with their own unique beauty!!  
Another BIG -Thank You!! goes out to Matt Le Photography for seriously believing in our mission to inspire ASU women to REVEAL self-worth through personal style!!

 Three ASU students, Divya, Amanda, and Ellyse were available to to attend a personal style session and, yes, we got personal, talked about our upcoming Holiday celebrations and of course celebrated finals being finished... which meant much more time to be with family and friends!

Remember to SPARKLE this Holiday Season!!

S - is for Self-Worth.  
 Celebrate in strength of knowing who you are and knowing your self-worth.  
P - is for Purpose.
 Remember your amazing purpose in life...even over the Holidays.
A - is for Attitude.
 In life, Attitude is Everything!!
R - is for Respect.
 Respect yourself and others. Use your influence respectfully.
K -  is for Kindness.
Amidst the hustle and bustle show a little kindness, it goes a long way!!
L - is for Love.
 Take the time to tell the special people in your life that you love them!
E - is for Enchantment.
 Be enchanted with the wonder of your own unique sparkle! 

Your Sun Devil Stylist

Amanda, a sophomore WP Carey student is ready for any Holiday party in her beautiful red dress that flatters her deep coloring and body shape, and can we all take a moment and appreciate those shoes! #SPARKLE!

Divya, a Senior Architecture & Engineering student is also dazzling in DEEP colors. Her smile is what SPARKLES in these pictures!

Ellyse, a W.P. Carey Senior and Community Assistant at ASU is ready brave the cold weather with this FUN faux fur vest! The soft white is beautiful with her soft coloring. 

We love how this embellished peplum top and shimmery gold skirt compliment Ellyse's beautiful frame. She's ready for a night out this Holiday Season and ROCKING these neutrals that look amazing on anyone with soft coloring like her! 

 We think Ellyse really knows how to #SPARKLE!

Special Thanks to the Sun Devil Stylist team!
Lets us know what looks you LOVE and post some of your Holiday looks to us!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

'Slutty' Halloween is Everywhere....but Here!

 The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon listed Top 5 Halloween Costumes this Year!

Last night we held our bi-monthly style training with a group of fellow ASU students.  
The subject of “Slutty Halloween” came up. It seems as though the term, "Slutty Costume" seems to be everywhere this Halloween.  We wanted to share with you some of that conversation. 

Several of the young women present said it was their first year as an ASU student and they felt like many young women look to others to answer the question: How do you do Halloween at ASU as a college student?  One first year student expressed what she felt some young women must be feeling. - "The reason most girls dress that way is because it's your first year. You don't want to be the outcast. You just do what others do, so you fit in"

Some of the older students gave their advice to their fellow classmates. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • "I don't think Halloween should be an excuse to show more than you normally would."
  • "You tell the world how to treat you by how to dress. Should that change on Halloween? Probably not" 
  • "It's a dangerous situation you're putting yourself in... Especially think about the influence of alcohol or other substances on a weekend like this."
  • "I have cousins that are 13 years old buying these costumes because there's nothing else TO buy. Guys do look at girls, and to me it bothers me because guys are looking at my younger cousins"
  • "I wouldn't change my level of comfort for one night to have fun"

What do you think of that?

My favorite question of the conversation was,
"When did the slutty costume start being a thing??" Well, we looked into it and read this article by Suzanne Labarre. Here are some of excerpts. 

 Slutty Halloween Costumes:  A Cultural History

.....What’s different now, of course, is that the permissive sexuality of the 1970s has been normalized--co-opted by mainstream culture--and packaged in flimsy plastic wrap for average (largely female) consumers. Nancy Deihl speculates that today’s sexy costumes can be traced, in part, to the general immodesty of contemporary women’s clothing, a trend that got underway in the 1920s and hasn’t stopped since, not even to straighten a micro-mini. As mass media became more frankly sexual, so too did Halloween costumes.....

....For retailers, it’s a gold mine., a major online retailer, has said that sexy costumes count among its top sellers. In Bloomington, Indiana, Campus Costumes has had to ratchet up its order of barely there costumes every year since the store opened. Last fall, Victoria’s Secret started offering Halloween costumes that are virtually indistinguishable from the company’s lingerie. Frederick’s of Hollywood, Victoria’s Secret’s sleazy sister, has been pushing sexy Halloween costumes for years and has said that Halloween is its third-largest season after Valentine’s Day and Christmas....
.....It’s big business now, and as those in the $6.8 billion American Halloween industry will tell you, money is always sexy. Not surprisingly, a sexy-money costume can be yours for $32.99.
You can read the entire article here: SUZANNE LABARRE
Some of our friends have had a different approach to Halloween and the costume parties they attend. So, no, not everyone chooses the "Slutty" costumes.... some of the BEST are simply being creative and funny...!! 
                                          Have a safe and happy weekend!!        
The Barden Bellas
Bon Qui Qui
Pigs in a Blanket
Disney characters

Wilma & Betty
Caesar and Grapes
Hermione Granger
The ASU Women's Basketball Coaches as Marvel Super Heros!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Club SDWP: True Colors!

We had a blast last week at our Club SDWP meeting! One of the most important keys to finding your style is finding what colors look best on you, so we dedicated the latest meeting to discovering your Dominant Color Characteristic (DCC). Everybody has a unique coloring that makes them beautiful, so it was fun trying to figure out the DCC's for a few members of the club. Check it out!

We learned that twins could have different DCC's based on their hair color alone! 

Thank you to the brave Club SDWP members that were willing to model for us during the meeting, it was so much fun! Be sure to make it out to our Club SDWP meetings every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at BA265!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SDWP Product Love!

We asked a few of our Club SDWP Officers about their favorite beauty products this month and we've found some winners for you to try!!

1. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Spray from Bath and Bodyworks. $14"I LOVE this body spray. I think it may be a problem, but it smells like cinnamon and fall magic, and not too sweet either." -Soy, Blogger/Social Media Officer of Club SDWP

2. Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. $5.99
"I've always used TIGI Rockaholic, but it got too expensive because I use it so often. I've tried other cheap dry shampoos like Treseme and Pantene but they just didn't cut it. Not Your Mother's is perfect because it has Rockaholic quality with a price for a college girl's budget."- Maddy, VP of Club SDWP

3. Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara. $15
"It's so hard to find a good mascara and I always go back to this one. It gives a lot of length and the brush is amazing- it defines every lash. It's pricier than a drugstore option but mascara is my one thing I'll spend a little more on to get a quality product!" -Brenna, President of Club SDWP.

4. No. 7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray by Boots Cosmetics. $10
"I put it on after my makeup and it sets really well. It gives you that glowing, refreshed feeling and makes my makeup last all day!" -Berenice, Officer of Club SDWP. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

A STYLE STORY: Styling Confidence

You can't do personal style without getting personal. 

                                                                    - Sun Devil Stylist

There is one reason why I love being a stylist.  I desire to inspire young women to take a passionate approach to tell the world: first, who they are and secondly, to tell others how to treat them...personal style does that! OK, maybe that's two reasons.  

Did you know 77% of young women  between the ages of 15-21 get their confidence from the way they look?*  So, what if you are unsure of how to express your style and have never had any help?  What is your confidence level?   It has been stated by business professionals that," it only takes a quick 7 seconds to make a 'first impression' and two long hours to change it".*  That is important when you are applying for a job or a summer internship...or even making a friend!  

Club SDWP is building a Stylist Team here at ASU! We produce the largest fashion event on campus, Sun Devils Wear Prada, coming this February!  This semester we will be working with The Body Project participants to  build a community of women at ASU who are confident about their personal style, as well as their smarts, abilities and talents!

Come out to a Club SDWP meeting and learn to create your own unique personal style!!  EVERY 1st and 3rd THURSDAY 5:30-6:30pm in BA 265

Meet Bailee!  She is a Sophomore studying Broadcast Journalism

We so enjoyed meeting up with Bailee and listening to her personal concerns about creating her personal style.  We think you will be able to relate to her as she is beginning her journey of creating a personal style that fits her comfortably!  More often that not, we need a friend to come alongside us and encourage us to believe in our own natural beauty.  We believe EVERY woman is beautiful and can learn to express their unique personal style. Remember, you can't do personal style without getting personal.  Thank you Bailee for getting personal with us!  Read her Style Story below.

Bailee having fun as she is growing in her confidence with expressing her own personal style!
How do you describe your current personal style? Who has influenced you the most in your clothing

Very simple and casual, and to be honest I feel I'm a lot more stylish in my head than when living it out. I have Pinterest boards and Wanelo collections full of pieces of clothing that I'd love to have but I'm terrified to wear them – that is, I don't feel like I can pull a lot of these looks I see in the Urban Oufitters or Pac Sun catalogs and it severely limits my style. I've only recently begun to venture from the world of graphic tees and skinny jeans and started to actually test some of the limits that I'd set up for myself – limits that really had no credibility to begin with.

When did your ‘style story’ begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose ‘styles for yourself? How did you personally feel about who you were at that
stage of life?

I started choosing styles for myself around fifth or sixth grade, although I was so unoriginal in my style that I suppose you could call it my “own.” I wanted to dress like the other girls in my grade who I thought were cool, and I wanted to fit in. I was very insecure about myself, especially in my style. I stayed very casual and dressed down for several years simply because I didn't feel confident enough to believe I could pull anything else off but plain and simple.

What is your favorite personal feature and how do you ‘play it up’ in expressing your personal style?

Definitely the hair. As much as I tend to complain about it (it seems to be both a blessing and a curse sometimes), I absolutely love my hair. I can hardly ever get it to sit the same way twice, so good hair days are typically days I like to really express my style – you never know when another good hair day will come along again so you gotta take every chance you get! Because my hair is a bit more unique compared to how most girls wear it (and because to get it straight like “most girls” I'd have to slave away for hours at it with a flat iron), I like to see it as an excuse to dress a bit quirkier. I've already got the bold hair-do, why not go bold with my style as well?

Bailee in a 'fresh face' of natural looking make up.  

Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, malls or on-line clothing ordering.

To be completely honest shopping in boutiques, malls, or just person in general is very nerve-wracking for me. I feel like I'm just surrounded by all these girls who know exactly what they're doing, how to mix and match the perfect outfits and what the hottest trends are at the moment, and here I am with absolutely no idea where to start. That being said, I really enjoy online shopping. I can surf a brand's website for as long as I'd like without feeling like I've overstayed my welcome. It's also nice for a girl without a car who can't drive out to all her favorite stores.

What are one or two items that are hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think so?

Probably hats. I love seeing girls walk around campus sporting cute floppy hats or even snapbacks or beanies, but this is where the curse part of my hair being a blessing and a curse comes in. Finding the right headwear to be able to fit with the mane, and not look awkward, tends to be a struggle.

Beautiful Bailee!

What do you LOVE to shop for? Name a few of your favorite items?

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Unfortunately they tend to be one of the most expensive items to shop for, but they're great. They can dress up or dress down just about any outfit, and they last pretty long as long as you treat them right.

What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items?

Swimsuits, without a doubt. I think that's pretty common for a lot of girls, though. I can feel completely confident about myself, my style, and my body, and then I try on a swimsuit and all of that seems to crumple. I'm my own worst enemy, and every “flaw” I believe exists, whether it does exist or if it's a
complete fabrication of my mind, seems to be magnified while wearing a swimsuit. (SDWP swimsuit discussion coming soon!)

When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why?

I'm not the most confident about my body while I'm shopping. Like I said before, I'm my own worst enemy and my flaws stick out to me like a sore thumb even if they're not even noticeable to others. For me, the most challenging part for me to dress is my legs. I played soccer for 12 years, and although I haven't played competitively for about two years now, my thighs are still a problem area. (And worse, because I'm not playing anymore I can't even blame it on my athleticism!) It makes buying shorts a huge area of discomfort for me.
Bailee and friends after their first personal style session with SDWP stylists.
You will meet them soon!

THANK YOU to JC Penney and Sephora in Tempe Marketplace and 

+Shaunti Feldhahn  *(

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tips for Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping- some women love it, some just abhor the idea! If you’ve had bad experiences with thrift shopping like I have, you get a little weary at the idea of spending a day at Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. But I’ve garnered some tips over the years to hopefully make that shopping trip even better! Who doesn’t love to brag about a name brand purchase bought at a fraction of the price?!

1. How often are you going to wear it? If it’s a little out of your budget, what I like to do is divide the price by how many days I’ll wear it in a month, or maybe a few months. If you can justify spending that much per day wearing it, then get it girlfrann!

2. Check the condition before you purchase! Check all seams, check for stains, and hems! Don’t forget that “thrift store smell”- if it smells funky, chances are it won’t go away after a few washes. If there is a minor hole or tear, can you mend it? Does the price justify the fact that you’ll have to mend it yourself? If not, save yourself the heartache and keep moving!

3. The price shouldn’t affect how much you want it! Usually when I find something for $5, I get blinded by the fact that it’s so cheap and end up never wearing it. This is the ultimate disappointment for me- why bother buying something you will literally never wear? Treat thrift shopping like any other shopping excursion!

4. Wear camis, shorts, and bring socks! Some thrift stores have the dreaded “open area fitting rooms” where you try on clothes without the privacy of a dressing room door or curtain. In case that happens, wear a cami and shorts if you’re layering, so dressing isn’t super awkward. Always bring socks as well- you never know when you’ll find a pair of sneakers but don’t know how it’ll fit with socks!

And there you are! Just a few tips to make your thrift shopping experience a little easier! Take it from one girl who’s had plenty of bad experiences and use it to your advantage!

Have you ever gone thrift shopping in Oregon? Put it on your bucket list.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A STYLE STORY: Clearly Beautiful!

 You can’t do personal style without getting personal.

                                                           - Sun Devil Stylist

One of the first elements of learning your personal style is learning your dominant color characteristic (DCC).  Think of it like a foundation upon which you may build your entire wardrobe around.  Can you remember a time recently when  someone said to you, "You look great today!"?   Most likely you were wearing a color that made your face light up! Come along with us as we learn about what makes each of us shine! There are six categories in dominant color characteristics, so we are just getting started. In our last 'style story' you met Soy. Her DCC was a DEEP. Today we are introducing another DCC - CLEAR.
A CLEAR is someone with a very high level of contrast between their hair color and skin or eyes.  Their eyes are usually very BRIGHT and sparkly!!  Bright colors look fantastic on them and the best neutrals are BLACK and WHITE.  Silver accessories are always  the best option for you!!
Meet Aly!  She is an Elementary Education Sophomore here at Arizona State University. We asked her to be a part of our photo shoot because she is a great example of the Dominant Color Characteristic - CLEAR!

Do you see the high contrast between her hair, skin and eyes?

Aly can wear the black and white stripes because they too are high in contrast. She doesn't get lost in it. You really see her!!

Who or what has influenced you in your current personal style? 

I would describe my personal style as vintage and feminine. I love vintage silhouettes and bold colors, but I am also a girly girl and love fun heels, statement jewelry, and bright lipstick. Even on regular school days, you can find me wearing dresses. In fact, fifty percent of my wardrobe consists of dresses and skirts! A-line skirts, high-waisted shorts, and head scarves are some of my absolute favorite fashion trends to work with. They are fun, unique, and make a statement. One of my biggest style role models is actress and singer Zooey Deschanel. She definitely has the fun and feminine vibe that I love and she also plays off of vintage styles and trends. As a vintage-fashion junkie, I also look to a lot of the “greats” of old Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel, and Grace Kelly are all strong, fashionable ladies that I look up to for not only their style, but their great confidence and ambition. 

When did your ‘style story’ begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose 'styles' for yourself? 

I have always loved fashion. Ever since I could walk I was playing in the dress up trunk and trying new styles. I was very fortunate that I had parents that encouraged me to be myself through my style- no matter how ridiculous I probably looked. Whether I was going to school, to the store, or just walking down to the mailbox, I would make sure to grab my plastic heels and pink sun hat, because even at that age, I was a strong believer in accessorizing! I was always a confident little kid, I never thought twice about what other people thought, and was pretty happy as long as I liked what I was wearing. It wasn’t until junior high that I actually realized that trends were a thing! Everyone started getting the same haircuts and shopping at the same places. I kept doing my own thing- sometimes I felt a bit “out of the loop” and different because I stuck with my own style. In high school I toned down my crazy fashion a bit and acclimated to the norms of high school fashion a bit more and learned that maybe less is more! Now I can pull little pieces of vintage inspiration or a feminine touch into an otherwise casual outfit. 

What is your favorite personal feature and how do you ‘play it up’ in expressing your personal style?

My eyes are definitely my favorite feature; they are super blue and probably twice as big as they should be. Going along with the vintage vibe, I love to apply strong, bold, winged eyeliner to make my eyes a main focus. I also have blunt bangs, which draws focus straight to my eyes. Paired with a bright lip, my blue eyes really pop! 

Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, malls or on-line clothing ordering.

When you can find a boutique that can accommodate to a college student’s budget, let me know. When I can afford to shop at boutiques, it’s a great change of pace because boutiques are perfect for finding some unique pieces that are hard to get in other chain stores. At the mall, I usually shop at Forever21, H&M, and PacSun because these are ideal places to get your simpler (and cheaper) closet staples and accessories. My absolute favorite place to shop is actually online. is an amazing online store that caters to girls that have a sweet spot for retro flair and vintage inspiration. Anything from basic cotton tees to standout, full-on vintage dresses can be found at Usually, shopping online is a bit scary because you can’t try anything on, but ModCloth has pieces that you really can’t find anywhere else!
Again, see how beautifully a CLEAR wears a very bright color.  WOW!

Her CLEAR intensity is not over-powered by the intensity of the color of her dress.
You notice the dress but not as much as the lovely Aly IN the dress.
That is a mark of great personal style!

What are one or two items that are hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think that?

I actually have the hardest time shopping for the simple and basic things. When I shop I tend to go straight for the crazy, statement items and forget that I need a plain tee or denim jeans. Whenever I shop, I have to make myself a list of the more practical things I actually need, so I can make sure to get the running shoes instead of the teal pumps. Personally, shopping is fun, so I never want to take a step back and be realistic, I just always go for the first thing that catches my eye.

When you are wearing colors that you know make you look your best, you feel GREAT!

What do you LOVE to shop for? Name a few of your favorite items?

I love shopping for dresses and shoes: anything fun and feminine! Cute heels and a colorful circle skirt can put a smile on my face any day. I could spend hours trying on all of the expensive shoes at Nordstrom. Even though I know I’m a college student on a budget, I still like to try on fun things and pretend I can actually afford them! I guess I never really grew out of playing dress-up. I also have a sweet spot for anything with a bold color or fun pattern. I’m just really, really bad at keeping it simple! 

What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items?

I’m sure you have heard it a million times, and you will continue to hear it from almost every women you talk to for the rest of your life: swimsuits. As women, we are encouraged to wear certain items of clothing that flatter our figure in day-to-day dress, but with swimsuits, it’s nearly impossible to hide your problem areas. I used to compare myself to the mannequins and was always disappointed with how swimsuits fit me- particularly around the hips and thighs. I have large hips and a smaller chest, so finding a swimsuit that makes me feel confident and covered in all the right places is definitely a challenge. Shopping for swimsuit season is always a challenge because a swimsuit doesn’t hide any of the things you normally try to cover up, and its just out there for the whole world to see! (SDWP will tackle swimsuits soon, so keep coming back to our posts:))

Aly loves her A-line dresses, but also is showing some variety wearing a maxi dress!

 When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why?

I’m a bit of a pear shape, so my hips are the widest point on my body and I have a butt and thighs. I always feel self-conscious wearing pants, because I feel as thought they draw even more attention to my wider hips; hence the reason I wear so many dresses. Because my hips are the widest part on my body, I have to be careful with what I wear up top. If I wear something loose, it can make me look like I have no chest, but if I wear something that hugs me around my waist, my shape is revealed! One physical attribute that I do love when I shop is my waist. Give me a dress that tightens at the waist and flares out from there and I am a pretty confident lady. If I dress right for my body type I am ready to take on the world, but there are still things like jeans and baggy shirts that make me feel like I have no chest and hips for days. Every women faces different challenges when shopping and dressing for her body, I have mine just like the next girl! 
Aly, You are beautiful and a great example of a CLEAR.

THANK YOU!! to....

Aly for sharing your 'style story' with us and for letting us get to know you!!

Thank you to Matt Le Photography for the amazing photographs!  Francesca's for your time and beautiful clothes and to Flow Hair Society Aveda Salon  for their talented stylists!  We could not have done this without you ALL!!  Your donation of time and talents was very generous! Thank you for loving our vision to 'inspire ASU women to REVEAL self-worth through personal style'

                                                                                                    - Sun Devil Stylist team

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Fashion... In Arizona?!

Living in Arizona is tricky. Nine months of the year, it's hot enough to wear tank tops and shorts or sundresses and sandals. This means, as Arizona-women, our closets consist of ninety-percent of summer-wear… And as Arizona college women, we don’t exactly want to try and jam too many winter sweaters into our tiny dorm closets. So how do we prepare for the short Arizona winter ahead? How do we prepare for open fires, hot chocolate, pumpkin patches, tree decorating, and the chilly walk over to your 7:30am lecture without having to cart a whole new wardrobe to campus? Believe it or not, you can still wear your sundresses, tank tops, and shorts in the dead of winter- with just a few adjustments.

  1. Tights
Wool or nylon tights are an easy and warm addition to any dress, skirt, or pair of shorts. All you need are one or two pair of tights for the winter! That’s cheap and it doesn’t take up much room in your limited closet space!

  1. Blazers and cardigans
Blazers and cardigans easily add style and comfort to virtually any ensemble. These outerwear additions can easily be applied to any item of clothing: jeans, skirts, dresses, jumpers, tank tops, or t-shirts.

  1. Boots
Boots are not only adorable in the fall and winter, but also extremely functional. You would be surprised what one pair of shoes can do for you in the chilly months- and it only takes up a little bit of space in your closet! One or two pair of boots and your closet is automatically transformed!

  1. Scarves and hats
Accessories. A girls best friend. Scarves and hats can dress up (and warm up) your already existing summer wardrobe. Take a plain tee or tank top, jeans, and add a warm scarf or beanie!

  1. That one oversized comfy sweater
Of course, we all dream of winter coming because it’s sweater season. While all of these other clothing pieces are mostly made up of accessories and add-ons, its always good to keep around that one cozy, oversized sweater for especially chilly nights. You can even use it to layer! Put in on over a dress! Add it to a shorts and tights ensemble! Add a scarf, hat, and boots! Now you’re practically ready to build a snowman.

Take a look:
Macintosh HD:Users:alyssasherry:Desktop:f0d298ad699e659fb72ff4ca86e6338e.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:alyssasherry:Desktop:dd603e39e908d75133c33aa07f62498f.jpg

Take that favorite summer dress, a warm cardigan, wool tights, boots, a hat, and scarf and you are ready to brave that Arizona winter!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WOW Factor Wednesday and the Rally for Respect

Happy WOW Factor! Wednesday Club SDWP friends!

WOW Factor- if you don’t already know- stands for “Women of Worth” and is a student organization at ASU that is a part of the Respect Movement on campus!

Since club SDWP is all about inspiring ASU women to reveal their self-WORTH, we fully support the respect movement and are 100% behind their cause!

The Respect Movement is made up of the clubs Man Up and WOW Factor! They are about building a culture of respect between men and women at Arizona State University. They also want to see the nationwide statistic that “1 in 4 women will experience a completed or attempted sexual assault by the time they graduate college” (Dept. of Justice report) vanish on our campus and all over the US.

We wanted to invite all of our followers and readers to a really exciting event TOMORROW night at ASU! The Respect Movement at ASU is hosting the Fall 2014 Rally for Respect at Wells Fargo Arena, 7:00pm. Hear from ASU's own Anthony Robles along with other guest speakers about how men and women can be a part of building a culture of respect at ASU! We hope you’ll join us in supporting this movement and attending the rally with us tomorrow night! #NoMore1in4

“Join” the Facebook event by clicking HERE! And invite your friends!!
and RSVP to the rally by clicking HERE

~Club SDWP 

Friday, September 5, 2014

A STYLE STORY: Tiny Little Petite Problems

  "You can’t do personal style without getting personal!" - Sun Devil Stylist

We are so very excited to begin our Sun Devils Wear Prada 'Style Stories!'
  We want to earn your trust before we dish out fashion and style advice to you!  We want to tell you our personal 'style stories' of why we love style and fashion and what we have learned about ourselves along the way!

Meet Soyoung!! 

She is a senior here at ASU and she studies Microbiology with a minor in Sustainability. 

Soyoung's dominant color characteristic (DCC)places her beautifully in the DEEP category. This is why she looks amazing in black. Her body type in the BODX System has her as an 'X', which means she is very balanced from shoulders to hips.  Her style personality is a Creative Original with a touch of Classic Modern.(Audrey Hepburn influence) Yes, Soyoung is a 'Glamor Girl' (petite), so for proportions she uses medium to small sized accessories and prints and patterns in her clothing.  Isn't she amazingly beautiful, smart and fabulous?!!

While styling Soyoung at Francesca's, I learned that yes, petites do have problems being tiny!  Where most women would say it is so easy to shop for clothing when you are a small size...this is not always the case.  For Soyoung, the day we were working on this photo shoot, we actually had quite a time finding items in the right proportions for her petite frame!  So the styling lessoned learned was, we ALL have to work at finding the pieces that fit us best!! No woman is immune to the hard work of style!!

How do you describe your current personal style? Who has influenced you the most in your clothing choices?
Currently- minimalist. I love pairing a simple shirt with some high waisted shorts and putting on some simple earrings and along necklace. I think that keeping it simple really lets your natural beauty shine through. In high school and the start of college, I was more experimental with my style and loved going to thrift stores, mixing and matching whatever I had. I think my style has become more refined as I’ve gotten older, and I prefer simple and clean outfits that help make me look age-appropriate, but at heart I’m an eclectic.

Hands down, Audrey Hepburn has been and always will be a huge influence for style and overall attitude. She was such a classic beauty-she never showed too much skin, and she was always demure and influential through her character. I aim to meet those qualities. "Be beautiful without revealing too much, and let your value shine through your presentation and character."

When did your ‘style story’ begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose ‘styles for yourself? How did you personally feel about who you were at that stage of life?

I think it really started in high school- I had to wear uniforms up until then. I definitely treated every day in high school like I was on the runway. I’d like to think I got voted best dressed for a reason! I followed a lot of fashion blogs and magazines in high school. I even had my own fashion blog! I have to say that the magazines did me in, though. I remember being overcritical of my physical features- I was way too short, I hated my flat profile, my nose wasn't prominent enough, my eyebrows were too wispy, the list goes on and on and on. I kept comparing myself to the models and actresses on the cover of the magazines. I tried my best to stay confident in myself- but it was just hard. It didn't help either when I voiced my opinion about my imperfections and I was instantly told to stop complaining because I was ‘skinny’ and ‘tiny’. I had my own obstacles to overcome,too!

I felt like an adult- buying my own clothes and developing my own sense of style. Overall I felt pretty good about myself through fashion, the outward presentation of the clothes I wore. However I was really, really bad at accepting compliments. I felt like I dressed for myself, and whenever someone took note of it I wanted to run and hide, especially if someone complimented my physical features! It was a really interesting conundrum. Looking back, it was because I had no confidence in my own personal beauty. I didn't recognize that I had it.

What is your favorite personal feature and how do you ‘play it up’ in expressing your personal style?

I like playing up my small waist- I have slightly bigger hips than most girls my height, so I love wearing things with defined waists. I also really like my cheekbones. I used to be really self-conscious about my face because I thought I looked like a boy (strangers on the street thought I was a boy when I was a baby). But I started receiving compliments and I realized that my prominent cheekbones are part of what make me unique- I have a beauty that’s my own, and I love it. So I've been learning to apply bronzer to make my face even more defined and glowy! I also love my short hair. I find that a lot of girls my age are too attached to their hair, literally! I shave bits and pieces here and there, and I love to use pomade to give it some texture. It’s so freeing to just chop it all off and go for a brand new look.

Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, Malls or on-line clothing ordering.

I never really shop in boutiques. It’s just too expensive for me, and I also have an eye for knockoffs. Some boutiques have items I can find at Target or somewhere cheaper. I’d only go to boutiques for a very unique item. Whenever I shop in malls I have a list of things I need to get. I NEVER go to the mall without a game plan!!! I set up a budget, and make a list of things I’d like in my wardrobe. If I think I'm going to wear it often,  I can spend a little more money on it and make sure it’s good quality. If it’s something I’d wear once or twice, I don’t spend as much on it. I find that online shopping is such a gamble for me- I check the size chart constantly to make sure it’ll fit properly, Also I make SURE that they have free returns- It’s not worth the purchase if you can’t return it. I’ve come up with these tips from years of past failures.

What are one or two items that are hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think that?

Jeans- It’s almost impossible to find jeans that fit my hips, thighs, and height!! The inseam is just impossible for me. I am so grateful that I know how to sew, or my jeans would be dragging on the floor. Maxi dresses and skirts are also impossible. The material that they’re usually made out of is too thin for me to hem myself, so I only have two maxi skirts that I have to wear around my waist!

What do you LOVE to shop for? Name a few of your favorite items?

I love to shop for long necklaces and simple earrings- They’re usually really cheap, and I like to mismatch my earrings, so the more the better. Also, I don’t have to worry about the fit on me! I also really love shoe shopping. I honestly think I have a shoe shopping problem! I love it because you can be having a bad hair day, or feel down in the dumps, but shoes are always guaranteed to look good.

What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items?

Bathing suits, obvi. Everyone always compliments me on my petite body, but I always disliked looking at myself in the mirror when I was trying on bathing suits. I don’t know why, but I felt ashamed when the XS or S bathing suit bottoms were a little too tight on my thighs, or I didn't fit into the bathing suit tops. It seemed like trying on bathing suits just let loose all of the insecurities I had with my body at once.

When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why?

Whenever I shop I make a conscious effort to stick with things that I know look good on me. If I can’t envision it, I try it on! I firmly believe that if you don’t try it on you’ll never really know! It can be fun sometimes. However, when things don’t fit me I don’t feel too good about myself. I feel like I don’t have the body of the normal woman when small shorts are too tight on me, or when my butt doesn't fit into shorts that fit my waist. It makes me jealous of girls that can fit into certain things easily. I think it’s hard to find clothing that fits my height. 

When you have to buy jeans at retail price and then hem it on your own money and time, it feels like I’m being ripped off or something. A lot of the stores that I shop at don’t have petite sizes so it’s kind of a challenge. The most challenging part of my body to dress is my waist to hip ratio combined with my height. I am slightly pear-shaped, but not a lot of people can tell because I’m so petite. Whenever I get high-waisted jeans I have to make sure the hem is perfect or I risk looking even shorter. Hems are essential when you’re petite.  

Sun Devils Wear Prada would like to THANK Francesca's for clothing and The Beauty Spot  for hair and make up. Both stores are located in Dana Park in Mesa, AZ and THANK YOU! www.MattLePhotography for producing these amazing photos of Soyoung!!

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