Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel, star of the popular Fox television series “New Girl”, has a fashion sense that is fun, flattering, and fabulous. Her 1960s inspired wardrobe is figure flattering due to its clean lines and vintage silhouettes, but fun and flirty as a result of the bold prints and bright color palette. 

Her “feminine vintage” vibe is a perfect match for the incoming college woman who wants to show off her individuality with style. One great website for finding this vintage look is, a trendy new site dedicated to feminine individuality and vintage style. This site is full of bright, fun, and vintage inspired clothes, shoes, and accessories that compliment any woman wishing to take inspiration from Zooey Deschanel’s fashion catalog!

It’s time to swap that usual tank top and shorts ensemble for a unique and fashion forward look that will leave you feeling confident as you stand out among the crowd. In tandem with a bright lipstick and bold wing eyeliner, you will be rocking Zooey’s vintage inspired look in no time!


Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Spot an American When Abroad

We were spending our first evening in Rome wandering the streets and hunting for pasta. That’s when we saw her. A gorgeous woman in an airy evening dress, a sparkling necklace, and curls. She walked straight to a Vespa and hopped on, stilettos and all. We stood there in awe as she sped away. How do European women do it??
I think my mouth was hanging open.

When studying abroad, it’s like every local glances at you for a grand total of 2 seconds before labeling you as “American tourist”. They speak to you in English before you even let a word out. I was always left wondering HOW they could possibly identify my nationality at first sight. Come on. I’m a pale, blue-eyed brunette - I could be French royalty or something!
I soon realized that it had to be how I was dressing. After living in Europe for five weeks, I found that my own style was slowly changing to blend in with the locals. No, I wasn’t anywhere near to being mistaken for the kind of perfection that slips onto a Vespa in high heels. But at least I could get away with ordering gelato in Italian with a “Grazie” without the shopkeeper laughing and responding “You’re welcome” in English.

 I eventually found that even I had the superpower of spotting another American from a block away - which inspired me to write this post!

How to spot an American:

1)      Any casual shoe.
Flip flops, Converse, Vans, you name it. I’ve heard it said that a Roman woman can and will judge you solely (haha – sole. Get it?) based on your shoes. Unfortunately, thousand-year-old cobblestone, slippery marble, and long walks to the metro make strutting in heels no easy task. If you tend to gravitate toward the casual side and aren’t ready to bust out the stilettos, try exchanging your Rainbows for a pair of ballet flats once in a while. You’ll instantly look more put together.

2)      Tanks and shorts.

I don’t care how hot it is outside -- You will never see a Roman woman rocking a tank top. Similarly, if you are sporting a pair of cutoffs around Paris, you will stand out. Not to mention you won’t be let into any cathedrals. Try pairing your favorite tops with cropped pants or a casual skirt for a more European look.

3)      Excess makeup.

Europeans love a more natural look. While abroad, I found that you can wear minimal makeup with a bright lipstick and look just as put together as if you had spend 45 minutes on your face. You will save on time, product, and money – and your natural beauty can shine through!

4)      Floppy beach hats.

Embrace that you will look like a tourist with one of these bad boys. However, I personally find them adorable and will not stop you from putting one on. The tough part is pulling it off without looking like you’re eternally headed to a tea party. Try it with a casual sundress or high waisted pants. Or tuck a blouse into an A-line skirt and rock your sun hat.

5)      Any form of sweats or exercise clothing in public.

(e.g. walking around Athens in a pair of leggings, sports bra, and bro tank = tourist).
I’m not going to lie – I’m guilty of this one. I like to be comfortable. If that means wearing what I wore to bed in public, so be it. Pair it with yesterday’s makeup for a complete ensemble.

However, as I get olderI’m learning that my perception of my worth is often reflected in the way I dress. Sure, everyone has those days where they just need to go to school in sweatpants, #thestruggle. But if it’s becoming a habit to never dress for the day, it begs the question: Do I expect others to think that I value myself? Do I value myself?

SDWP’s motto: “Revealing self worth through personal style” 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Have you ever wondered... Am I BEAUTIFUL?

Is BEAUTY for a limited few?


Why do I feel less than PRETTY after I glance at magazine? How do some girls know how to put an outfit together and I’m overwhelmed walking through the mall?  I don’t ever see a woman who looks like ME in an advertisement, EVER!!  I purchase clothes and then never wear them..ugh!  Don’t even go there - bathing suit shopping!! RUN!

Are some women just born PRETTY and STYLISH and I’m just CUTE and practical??
So maybe...looking stylish isn’t worth it. I’ll just stay in my ‘comfy clothes’ and not care what others think....'don’t judge me’, will be my motto!

But honestly, if I think through it all...if I had a friend to help me put all this ‘beauty stuff’ in perspective....maybe it could be FUN to learn about style!

If those thoughts bounce around your brain from time to time...well, you are just like us at Club SDWP!!  Our club was formed after an event hit the ASU campus in 2011! 
It was Sun Devils Wear Prada:  The Campus Collection 

That event inspired us to create a place where friends can come together and learn about  their own unique personal style.

 Lovers of style and fashion could teach the things they know with those of us who want to learn more!

 Our event is even endorsed by Phoenix Fashion Week 

Together we are taking the intimidation out of fashion, beauty & style and inspiring every ASU woman to reveal self-worth through knowing her own personal style!  

Our Sun Devil Stylists are waiting to meet you!!