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Deep-ly Beautiful!!

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Say hello to Alicia Canales, a Senior/Grad Student studying Journalism & Mass Communication! Though she loves to report the news and enlighten the masses through media, you'll find that she's just like YOU! Yes, you. We've learned that personal style is just what it implies- personal- so we're so excited that she decided to tell us her very own style story!

How do you describe your current personal style? Who has influenced you the most in your clothing choices?
 I've always been a pretty casual dresser. My default outfit is a pair of jean shorts and a nice shirt. I tend to buy a lot of shirts that also work with a pencil skirt or slacks. However, I've realized lately that I don't have many cute, comfy t-shirts. This is a problem when I try to have a lazy day.

I have a couple of influences. It's probably cliche, but my mom mainly influenced how I shop. She's a pretty casual dresser herself. She's also a teacher, so she always had a business casual style. I also like to look at my friends' clothing pieces as well to get ideas on how to create cute outfits. And Pinterest. I steal lots of fashion ideas from Pinterest.

When did your ‘style story’ begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose ‘styles for yourself? How did you personally feel about who you were at that stage of life?
I probably began shopping for myself somewhere in middle school. I was going through my awkward phase, so I didn't want to stand out. I wore a lot of neutral colors. It got to the point my mom had me invite friends to go shopping with me, so they could tell me to buy color. Seriously.

In case you're wondering, I do buy colorful clothes on my own now! I tend to default on my basic style, so I enjoy shopping with friends. They give me that extra push to try something new when I'm tired of shopping and just want to go home. I wouldn't own some of my favorite pieces of clothing if it wasn't for one of my good friends.

Feeling beautiful with or without makeup is a must!
What is your favorite personal feature and how do you ‘play it up’ in expressing your personal style?
 I love my eyes, although I don't do much to them. I really like a basic natural look, so I usually put on just mascara and maybe eyeliner. They kind of stand out on their own because they are pretty dark. I actually didn't own eyeliner or wear eye shadow until two years ago. I've been experimenting with that more, and it's been fun! I like wearing eye shadow, but I tend to lean toward colors that are pretty neutral.

Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, Malls or on-line clothing ordering. 

While I love going through boutiques, I hardly buy anything from there because of the price. I'm skeptical of online shopping, so I mainly go the mall or fashion outlets. I always go to H&M because I love the styling of their clothing. Otherwise I tend to walk around and go in stores based on if I like what the window mannequins are wearing. Haha, I'm realizing I don't go in with a plan. I should probably start making one. I'm sure that would help cut down my time in the mall.

What are one or two items that are hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think that?
Finding cute shorts is usually a challenge. I'm not a fan of short shorts, but that's essentially what all the popular stores carry. Otherwise shorts with a length I like might be really boring, or look like "mom" shorts.

I have the same problem with swimsuits. I don't care for bikinis, but I also don't want the same swimsuit my grandma would probably wear.

What are one or two items that you enjoy shopping for, and why?
 I absolutely love buying blouses. Like I've been saying, I'm big into really cute tops that spice up jean shorts and complement slacks. I'm also a fan of dresses. You can wear them in all seasons, which is great. It saves you time in the morning getting ready because it's one piece. So everyone thinks you look great even though you were really running late or were lazy. Dresses are fantastic.

What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items?

 Let's see, besides shorts and swimsuits...I don't like shopping for boots. I love boots. I don't love the process of trying boots on. You have to find a place to sit (which there is never much seating in the shoe section) because they don't slip on easily like sandals. Then you walk around to make sure it fits while taking into account if there will be enough room for when you put on jeans, if you can wear thick socks, if you could walk long periods of time in them, what outfits you could wear them with, etc. Same thing with heels. I love heels. They don't feel the same way. I get home and suddenly they're a size smaller or something and cut into my feet. But they're so cute! It's a struggle.

When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why?

 How I feel about my body when I shop varies. Some days, especially if I worked out that week, I feel really good. Other days when I pigged out on desserts the night before, I don't have the best attitude when I shop. I have to make sure I don't critique my body. A lot of times I shop and when clothes don't fit me, I think of the friend who has the body to pull the clothes off.

The bottom half of me is hard to dress. Everything is either too short or is too low. Plus my mom was kind enough to give me her genes that makes it easy to gain weight in my thighs. Jeans and shorts either fit my waist and are too tight around my thighs, or they fit my thighs and are too lose around my weight.

Alicia, we think you are beautiful and simply rocked your styling session. Thank you so much for being honest with us!

A big thank you goes out to Matt Le Photography for the great photos and JCPenney for the beautiful outfits!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ellyse on Life! A Style Story

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Like we've said before, you can't have personal style without getting personal, so meet Ellyse, a Senior at ASU studying Management and Business Communication! Ellyse is someone we'd categorize in the SOFT Color Characteristic- we had a blast styling her and taking pictures at Tempe Marketplace. Check out her style story!

1.How do you describe your current personal style? Who has influenced you the most in your clothing choices? 
 I would describe my current style as comfy cute, yet polished. I enjoy putting together outfits that look nice-where you can tell I put some effort into it in the morning, yet comfortable enough for me to wear through a full day of work, classes, and running around. I definitely have my days of ASU t-shirts and a good pair of jeans (thank goodness maroon looks good on me!) but for the most part, I try to leave my room looking ready for the day. I didn’t always go for the polished look, however. There used to be a lot more days where I would spend an excessive amount of time in front of the mirror just to leave my room in a t-shirt and jeans. I used to avoid putting together new outfits because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull it off. So I stuck with what I knew! It's funny because it was actually this club that helped me to be more comfortable in my own skin and step out of my comfort zone in the realm of clothing. As I learned about what looked best on me and practiced it more and more, I found myself becoming more confident when it came to my own style.  And it's cool because the girls in the club were so supportive the whole time and helped me to build my confidence through their words and actions. 

2.When did your ‘style story’ begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose ‘styles for yourself? How did you personally feel about who you were at that stage of life? 
My "style story" really began in college. Like I said earlier, I would spend so much time over-analyzing my outfit and what people would think that I usually ended up just dressing down so no one would notice me. Even this didn't work though because most of the time I just found myself comparing my style choices with the girls around me- which just made me uncomfortable and self-conscious. If I didn't feel comfortable in what I was wearing, I usually wasn't having  good time. When I got involved with Sun Devils Wear Prada my freshman year, I began to learn about all of the things Shari talks about in the show. As I put into practice all of the things that we learn (what looks good on my body shape, my 'pop colors', even how to tie a scarf!), I found myself growing more confident in my style decisions. The girls in the club complimented each other for aspects of their style that made them unique. That was refreshing. I learned that confidence is the best accessory to any outfit and  that comparing myself to others is pointless. I have a unique style that I like to think compliments my personality.

3.What is your favorite personal feature and how do you ‘play it up’ in expressing your personal style? 
My personality. It sounds silly, but hear me out. I see my wardrobe as an extension of how I express myself as a person. I choose clothes that describe me. I like to look put together because as a business major with a strong Type A personality, looking professional is important to me. I also like to laugh. This explains my "eccentric" wardrobe pieces such as my obnoxious Sparky sweater or my cat shirt. But most of all, I enjoy being around people and making them feel comfortable. So most of the time, I go for a cute outfit that's not over the top. I don't want my outfit to be the center of attention (with the exception of the Sparky sweater, of course) but if it's a conversation starter, then that's cool. I like my style to be relatable. (if that's even a thing?)

4. Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, Malls or on-line clothing ordering.  Online shopping terrifies me and I grew up in a small town with limited stores. So whenever I went shopping, it was usually during a family trip to a mall in the closest city-which were few and far between. I'm a bargain hunter (cough cough cheapskate) so whenever I walk into a big store, I head straight for the sale rack in the back. Back in high school this meant that anything that was remotely cute and under $10, I bought, which lead to a closet full of clothes that I kind of liked but never really felt completely comfortable wearing. It also meant clothes that didn’t ever seem to last long. In college, I continue to hunt for bargains. Except now, I shop with a purpose. I remember hearing Shari tell us at a show that we should make a list of the clothing items we need before even stepping foot in a store and then sticking to that list. I've found that this is a fantastic tactic. I still don't go shopping often, but when I do I know exactly what I'm looking for. Sure, I'll pick up something that's not on my list if it's something I absolutely love and it's for a good price. But for the most part, sticking to the list means I am able to pick up quality items when they best fit into my college budget. Sometimes I leave the store empty-handed but I've found that having patience in these situations usually pays off. And my bank account would probably agree!

5. What are one or two items that are hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think that? 
Dresses are difficult for me. Because of my small waist and chest, I usually opt for the small dress. But wait- then there's my long legs-which mean maybe I should shoot for the medium. Dresses these days already seem to be pretty short. But when you take into account my height, most barely cover my rear end (and we're talking barely here). If it fits up top, it's going to be too short on the bottom. And if I go for length, I'm usually swimming in the top. And heels? Don’t even think about it, Ellyse. I love dresses-especially in the summer. But finding a good compromise can be harder than it seems.

6. What do you LOVE to shop for? Name a few of your favorite items? 
I don’t have one particular item I love shopping for (I'm not a shoe fanatic or an accessory guru) but the best feeling I get shopping is when I find something on my list on sale. Seriously, the BEST feeling in the world is coming home with something that I know I've been wanting for my wardrobe and getting it for a good price. When patience pays off-that's the most rewarding! 

7. What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items? 
Swimsuits. I feel like this is a trend among many girls! Swimsuits can be hard because it's an item of clothing that usually covers the least amount of you. Finding a swimsuit that is cute, yet modest enough for my taste, AND fits right? Seriously, it's like guessing the winning numbers in the daily lottery. What I've found though is taking a friend helps. And realizing that swimsuit shopping is not something to be rushed. I usually go home and think about it for a few days before coming back to buy the suit. 

8. When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why? 
Shopping can be frustrating because I feel like I just don’t have a standard body type. Even when talking sizes for this styling session, I realized how all over the place I was. Tops? Small or medium. Heck, I can even do extra small sometimes. Pants? 4-6. Sometimes long though because regulars tend to  end above my ankles. Shoes? I really couldn’t tell you my shoe size, I'm pretty sure I have shoes ranging from 8-9.5 in my closet so good luck there!When I find an article of clothing that fits just right, it's a huge feeling of relief. Especially with pants. Since I'm somewhat of a d-body type, my hips can need a completely different size than my waist and legs. Finding a compromise between the two usually means settling for something that's either too tight here or too loose there. And then there's the issue of length. Whether it is a pair of paints of a shorter skirt, my long legs can complicate the entire process. I loved the skirt I got to wear for this photo shoot because it fit me at the smallest part of my body-my waist, and was the perfect length for me to wear heels.

We LOVED getting to know you and had a blast styling you! Thanks for being so honest about your personal style journey with us!

A BIG thank you goes to Matt Le Photography for the amazing photos, JCPenney for the fabulous outfits, and Tempe Marketplace!

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A Clear Sense of Style: A Style Story

We are so excited that we have officially 8 more days until our Sun Devils Wear Prada event on February 6th! Be sure to buy your tickets here and have a blast with your fellow stylish Sun Devils!! Check out this video about our event and be sure to invite your friends!


A great part of Style Stories is learning that a lot of women face a great deal of similarities in the journey of finding their own personal style- there are setbacks, victories, and a lot of learning about oneself as we develop our own fashion identities! 

With that in mind, Let's meet Alyssa! She's a senior with a major in Dance and we had the best time getting to know her and styling her with her beautiful CLEAR color characteristic. We think you'll relate to some (or maybe all) of her style story, especially since she's a college student who goes through a lot of the same obstacles we do!  Thanks Alyssa for being so personal with us, check out her style story below!

1. How do you describe your current personal style? Who has influenced you the most in your clothing choices?  I would definitely describe my personal style as edgy. I try to incorporate one of my leather jackets into almost every outfit I wear. And if leather doesn’t work, I will always manage to add some element of edginess with my jewelry. A couple of my favorite pieces are my bullet earrings, bracelet and necklace. I also have a love for studs, skulls, and black. The trick is to wear it in moderation, sneaking it in with basic outfits. That way I don’t look like I’m wearing an entire Hot Topic store. I also wear other styles at times, when I feel like switching it up, but this is the style I feel most myself while wearing. I’ve never really had a style icon, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to look to my sister-in-law for inspiration. She is usually my first contact when needing fashion advice.

2. When did your "style story" begin? What was your age and circumstances when you began to shop for yourself and choose styles for yourself? How did you personally feel about who you were at that stage of life?  I think it was back in 4th grade when I first started to actually voice my opinion to my mom when we went clothes shopping. She would always pick out the girliest, frilliest outfits, with ruffles and pouffy shoulders. I couldn’t stand it! I rebelled completely against that, picking out dark colors and anything with metal stud-work and fish-net. I was always pinned as the good girl and I wanted a new image. Changing my wardrobe didn’t change my behavior, but it did set a path of personal style that expanded into what I wear today.

3. What is your favorite personal feature and how do you "play it up" in expressing your personal style? Is it weird to say that I don’t have a favorite personal feature? It’s not because I hate all of my features; the opposite in fact. I love a lot of my features, I just don’t have one that stands out as my favorite. I’m always told that my facial features are very exotic, so I’ve been exploring how to play that up more when I do my makeup. 

4. Talk about your experiences shopping in boutiques, malls, or online clothing ordering. Me and malls have a love-hate relationship. It’s fun at first but I always get so frustrated about 20 minutes in and am ready to leave. The frustration comes from different things. Usually it’s because there are so many things that I would love to get and add to my wardrobe but I cannot afford them. Sometimes it’s because I can’t find exactly what I am looking for. Either way, I end up walking around the store for hours on end. I only really have fun shopping if I have a friend with me. When it comes to shopping online, I don’t. I like to browse websites, make a wish list and then never buy anything. The main concern I have with online shopping is that I can’t try anything on. I cannot risk spending money on an item unless I can be 100% sure that it will look great on me. 

5. What are one or two items that are the hardest for you to shop for, and why do you think that? I hate shopping for swimsuits. I used to be wear the skimpiest little bikinis but I no longer feel comfortable in them. I am very unsure what style of swimsuit would look good on me and my curves, and won’t be too revealing.

6. What do you LOVE to shop for? Name a few of your favorite items? I enjoy shopping for tops. I think a little too much. I have three drawers dedicated to tops, plus two-thirds of my closet. Mostly graphic t-shirts. I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I was so excited when I learned some tricks on how to dress up a t-shirt to make it more fashionable. Accessorizing is becoming my new favorite thing. 

7. What do you DISLIKE the most to shop for? Name a few of your least liked items? I dislike shopping for pants the most. My hips have grown out a lot in the past couple years and as a result, I have gone through many pants. I am desperately holding on to a couple pairs that I just bought in the spring that no longer fit me. I really hate the process of trying on pants and trying to find the right fit. I always tend to be in-between sizes, one size too small, the next size too big. It’s exhausting.

8. When you shop for clothing, how do you feel about your body? What do you think is the most challenging part of your body to dress and why? I’ve come to accept the changes my body has gone through since high school. Though I can still get very discouraged when I’m shopping and nothing I try on seems to fit me right. My biggest challenges are my curves. Sometimes I will walk into the store with the mindset that I can still wear some of the things I used to be able to wear my freshman year of college. I’m still learning about what works for me and what doesn’t. 

Thanks Alyssa for sharing your style story and letting us get to know you!

We also have to thank Matt Le Photography for the phenomenal photos, Sephora and JCPenney for helping us out with this awesome photoshoot! Thank you all for loving our vision to "inspire ASU women to reveal their self worth through personal style"!

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OOPS!...I mean Happy New Year!! 

It seems as though every January, we as women...and men, are inundated with the idea that we need to create a better version of ourselves for the new year.  Have you ever felt that way? Last year we must have not been thin enough, fit enough, cleansed or detoxed enough- the list goes on. Do you diet in January to get ready for Spring Break and flat abs? Are you striving for celebrity type results??  What celebrity body would you trade your body for??
Reporter: What made you lose 37 pounds?
Raven: The pressure of society.

Here is a video that we think sums up the CRAZY celebrity diet craze! 

Have you tried any of these crazy celeb diets?!?!?!
Their names sound so crazy but why are we laughing so hard hearing them?

The Instagram Diet: "Tweet it don't eat it"
Beyoncé Diet
Chilean Coal Miners Diet
New Cleanse: "Eat anything and everything as long as you don't swallow!"
The Tapeworm Experience 
Colonic Blast-off
Cambodian Holiday
Get Motivated: "Arrested without due process."
Everest Drop
The Great Depression
Kentucky Meth Cycle
Hariet Tubman & The Underground Railroad 
Tammy from The Real World Season 2: Wired Jaw. 

Club Sun Devils Wear Prada
We highly encourage every woman to know and pursue the HEALTHY IDEAL and participate in The Body Project at ASU.

To find out more The Body Project click here:

On the Thin Ideal

"... almost every woman today struggles with body image issues. The Body Project is a cognitive-dissonance based body acceptance program that was designed to help adolescent girls and college women resist societal pressures to be unrealistically thin and reduce their pursuit of thinness. When people go to extreme measures to look like a supermodel, including some very unhealthy weight control behaviors and excessive exercise, this is the definition of the “thin ideal”. The goal of the thin-ideal is to attain thinness that is neither realistic nor healthy."

On the Healthy Ideal

"The healthy ideal is the way your unique body looks when you are doing the necessary things to appropriately maximize your physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life. With the healthy-ideal, the goal is health, fitness, functionality, and longevity. A healthy body has both muscles and adequate fat tissue. The healthy ideal involves feeling good about how our body both feels and works."

Facts about Celebrity work-outs:
         Ranging from 90 minutes to up to 6-7 hours A DAY at times.
         P. Diddy has a personal trainer that makes $500,000 a year on Puffy alone (VH-1). 
         Usher does 1000 crunches per day plus daily “forty minutes funk” (stretching & cardio) and strength training. 
         Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby: 4.5 hours per day, six days per week (from Oprah on line)

REMEMBER: Function of a fashion magazine: To convince women that something is wrong with them (e.g., hair, body, sex life, etc.) so that they can sell their product (i.e., the content of the magazine) to fix it.*

Think about it- the more anxious they make you, the more likely you will buy the magazine and the larger their readership becomes, which increases advertising sales.

Watch this video and enjoy:)

You are Beautiful!!
 Remember Every BODY is BEAUTIFUL!!

- Sun Devil Stylist

*Source: The Body Project