Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keeping it Cool in the AZ Heat

Keeping it Cool in the AZ heat

This week begins the HOT summer season in AZ….can you say 113 degrees??
When temperatures hit the 100 degree mark, with it comes the need for a clothing strategy to stay cool!!  It’s not about the old adage of,  ‘never let them see you sweat’ - this is about SURVIVING the desert heat with wearing cooler fabrics, drinking lots of water, (or TAZO passion tea- my personal favorite) and finding activities that enable us to beat the heat!

So…. lets go swimming??

Float down the Salt River, paddle board on Tempe Town Lake or slide down that famous Slide Rock in Sedona!! You have so many options to plunge into the cool refreshing  AZ water!!        

Sad to say that many women will not to do any of those fantastic activities. Why? Well, because it requires wearing a bathing suit. Some of us would rather not ‘take the plunge’ because of how we feel about our we feel about so much of our bodies being visible... to others.

Say, ‘YES!’ to your next pool party invitation!!

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You are invited! Your friends want to see you there! No one is going to think about your body but you.  Here is what we suggest to help take the pressure off of your body during swimsuit season:    

  1. Realize that every body is unique. Use this simple fact of your uniqueness to wear what will make you feel your best.  You don’t have to wear a bikini, if you feel more confident in a tankini or one piece.  Wear the color you love. Black can be everyones’ ‘comfort’ color for a suit, but you will radiate confidence in a color that makes you shine!

Check out Gabby’s bandeau in a fun pop of color!

Kelsey’s tankini is in a fun fish print that goes with her bubbly personality! She loves a swimsuit with unique details, like the ruffles at the top of her bikini bottoms.

  1. Everyone has challenges in shopping for a bathing suit...EVERYONE!
Take a friend shopping with you that has a similar body type or shape like you.  
It will hinder comparing each other and enable you to help each other and focus on your shopping goals. DON’T BE IN A HURRY! You need to try on different styles, too!


Retro styles are so cute and flattering! We LOVE Lindsey’s sweet polka dot one-piece.

When it comes to two-pieces, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Amanda’s suit color brings out her hair and skintone, and her swim skirt is a cute alternative to normal bikini bottoms!

    3.  Your friends want to be around you to have fun and build their friendship with  
you! Swimming, pool parties, water sports or any social occasions are for connecting
with others. Honestly, no one is there because they want to criticize your body.  Don’t let
how you feel about your body limit you from a fantastic social life in the summer!

Thank you to Alyssa Campbell Photography for the sweet underwater pictures! Check out more of her work here!

Here are a few style tips for every body type when shopping for a bathing suit.  Certain styles REALLY do flatter more than others.

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