Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Beauty Tips

Does your face feel like a melting ice cream cone the minute you step outside in the sun?  I took to Ulta and Sephora in search of weightless summer makeup products that would not only leave me smiling, but have my skin thanking me later. Here are my top 8 beauty tips for the perfect summer makeup look!

1.              Skincare! Skincare! Skincare!
 You want to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun. I’ve been loving my 3-step process to keep my skin refreshed and ready for makeup! I start by cleansing my face with micellar water. It removes any left over makeup, dirt or oil that my skin was holding onto from the night before. Next, I spritz my face with a rose water toner. It’ll tighten your pores and prep your face for moisturizer.

Right now I'm obsessed with Clinique's “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel”. Gel moisturizers can feel much more hydrating and soothing than the lotion formulas.

2.             Matte Primers!

Whether you have oily skin or want to create a smooth base for your foundation, I recommend using a mattifying primer. I often reach for Benefit’s “The Porefessional” or No. 7’s “Beautifully Matte”.

3.             Weightless Foundations!

In this heat, full-coverage foundations tend to weigh on your skin and melt off of your face. Weightless foundations are a popular trend this summer and thank goodness for that! NARS’ new “All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation” has become my favorite -- it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing foundation. Or, check out Chanel’s “Vitalumiere Aqua”: an ultra light, skin-perfecting sunscreen makeup. While those two may be splurges, Covergirl has released new “Stay Luminous” foundation that's worth trying out!

4.             Beauty Blender!

A damp sponge provides a softer, more natural finish to your makeup. It’s great for a lighter coverage look! The BB is a whopping $19 at Sephora but I have seen comparable sponges by Real Techniques and other smaller brands at Target and Ulta -- try them out before splurging!

5.             Eyelid Primers!

After working so hard on blending all those shadows, you don't want them to crease in the heat! Primers can be tricky. Some work well, but others do close to nothing for your eye shadow. I prime my lids with NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk. Swipe it over lids a few times and blend out with a finger. It creates a cream base for powder shadows and helps colors pop! Or, check out Elf's Eyelid Primer (for no more than $3!).

6.             Gel Liner!

I often forget how the heat will affect my eyeliner! Makeup artists recommend trying gel liner for the summer. It’ll last longer and is much more pigmented than a liquid pen or pencil liner! NYX has a new one out that is the blackest black -- and I can't wait to try it out for myself!

7.             Cream Blushes!

Here's another tip I've learned from the pros: Cream blushes, bronzers, concealers, and even foundations are great products to swap for powder ones in the summer! Cream formulas actually last longer and are much more pigmented than powder alternatives.

8.             HAVE FUN.
My last tip is to have fun with your makeup this summer. If you don’t want to wear any, don’t! Makeup is meant to be fun and can be used to express your own personal style.

 Summer is a great time to try new things. You want to wear that bright lippy? WEAR IT. You want neon nails and winged liner? DO IT. Just BE YOU. Being you is beautiful.

P.S. Want some more inspiration? Check out this girl's makeup routine -- it's great for summer!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Travel Tips

Hello ladies!

It’s that time of year again when we’re all globetrotting, making summer memories, and having the time of our lives! So no matter where you’re going this summer, we have a few tips that help make traveling easier to tackle!

For short trips (less than a week):
1. Try fitting all your clothes into a carry-on so you don’t have to wait years at the baggage claim. Now, while this may seem like an impossible feat for some of you, fret not! Try planning out your outfits ahead of time using pieces that can be reworked in different outfits throughout the trip. This way, there’s less bulk in your bag, leaving more room for cute accessories and shoes to spice up your look!

2. If there’s absolutely no way you can re-wear pieces, lay out all of your outfits starting with the largest piece and work your way to the smallest piece (probably underwear and socks, gotta make sure you have the essentials!). Then, when you have everyday (including travel days) planned out, tuck in the sleeves of your shirt and roll it up! This saves a TON of space in your luggage!

For longer trips (a week or longer):
1. Pack some backup outfits in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. This way, you can be sure that you’re covered until it’s recovered. (Haha, get it? The pun, just couldn't resist)

2.  Once you’re unpacked, reserve your suitcase that you check for dirty laundry. Most hotels have a disposable laundry bag they offer, so line your suitcase with it (to keep your suitcase from getting dirty) and fold your clothes when you’re finished wearing them so you can pack them back up and then leave your carry-on for any cute souvenirs!

3. Wear a pair of shoes you know are comfy and you’ll wear often throughout your trip to travel, so you only have to pack one pair of shoes and save the space!

Other tips:
1. Use empty toilet paper rolls to keep jewelry from getting tangled

2. TSA regulations require that all liquids taken on an airplane must be in 3oz. bottles or less and must fit in a quart-sized clear plastic bag. If this seems absolutely impossible to you, pack your liquids in a secure plastic bag and pack them between your outfit rolls, this will keep them cushioned and less likely to break, but if they do, the bag will catch the spill.

3. Get a Flo travel perfume dispenser (found at Ulta and other makeup retailers), so you can pack your favorite perfume and you don’t have to survive off tiny Sephora samples!

I hope these tips help you out! Happy wanderlust girls!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Ways to Work Red, White and Blue Into Your Fourth of July Outfit!

1. Wear a red lip!
Not only is a red lip a hot trend at the moment, but it is an absolutely perfect way to subtly add to your festive flair. BUT WAIT! Don’t just go throwing on any old cherry red lipstick- there is the perfect shade of red out there just to complement YOU! The best red for you may be more of a berry, orange, or deep red. But don’t worry! Even if your perfect tint varies from the classic US of A red, you’ll still be rocking a bright, bold, and beautiful look! Watch out world! This girl is a firecracker!

red lipstick.jpg

2. Oh Say Can You See…. With Those Really Cute Sunglasses?
Its summer ladies! That means that it’s time to buy some cute shades for those days outside by the pool! Just adding a pair or red, white or blue sunglasses to your look will keep you looking festive for the fourth! Check out this link to find the best frame for your face shape!  

3. (U)ltimate (S)kincare (A)lert!!!!
Okay, sorry, this is not a point regarding fourth of July style, but it is very necessary that I mention this. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! We are trying to avoid incorporating the color red into your look in this case (aka those super painful lobster-red sunburns). You can purchase high-SPF sheer Neutrogena sunscreen that won’t clog your pores at any local drug store as well as aloe lotion to treat any skin damage that may have occurred.

4. Star Spangled Ban...dana?
Okay, well bandanas, hats, headbands, or pretty much anything you can wear on your head (I’m sorry if that caption was misleading, but it was just too much fun).
Alright ladies, its summer, now is the time to break out the sun hats. Find one in red, white, or blue or simply tie some red, white, and blue ribbon around the base of a sunhat that you already own! Perfect for that outdoor picnic or poolside hangout when it’s 100 degrees outside. You can also wrap a bandana around your head and make a super cute headband! Below are some example looks and this link to a tutorial!

5. The Red Coats (of paint..) Are Coming! 
Whats more fun than some sparkly, festive nails to go with sparkly, festive sparklers and fireworks this holiday? There’s always the option to go to a salon and get them done, but just in case you are a poor college student like me, don’t worry! There are some fun DIY nail tutorials that you can do to get ready for the fourth! Click for tutorial: 1, 2

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July ladies!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Sun Devil Bookstore's Summer Clearance Sale!

So as a Classic Modern, I'm always looking for a good sale. To do this, I've signed up to receive email promos from some stores, but for the most part I just follow my favorite places on social media so I can easily hear about sales while I'm already scrolling through my newsfeed (Lazy? Nah. Efficient? YES!). Usually I try to look only when I have a piece in mind that I want to purchase, but I have one weakness: ASU gear. Seriously, the amount of ASU clothing I own is a bit ridiculous. But then again, can you ever really have too much Sun Devil Spirit? (Psst, the answer is no.)

All of this insight into my shopping plights brings me to what I came across on my Facebook feed today: the Sun Devil Bookstore's summer clearance sale. Now I love the bookstore's collection of women's ASU clothing because: 
1) they have a lot of different styles to match the look I'm going for and 
2) they have some REALLY cute stuff. Whether you're spending the summer in AZ and looking for a tank top to wear out on a hot day or you're back in your home state and just want to rep your school gear (did I mention they have great online sales too?), I highly recommend checking out the Sun Devil Bookstore's collections.

After checking out the website today, I put together a few of my favorites below. But check out the store because there are tons of other styles and like I said, SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE ;)

Original Retro Brand® Arizona State University Sun Devils Women's Muscle Tank Top | $28.00
This retro shirt looks like the perfect mix between cute and comfy- plus it's gold for game day!!

MV Sport® Arizona State University Women's Tank Top | $9.95
This new tank top is only 9.95 and comes in 3 colors- gray, white, and maroon. Sounds like a deal to me!

Original Retro Brand® Arizona State University Women's Tri-Blend Scoop Neck T-Shirt | $24.00
Can you tell I'm a fan of the retro brand? This one comes in maroon or old gold, and has my favorite guy on there- Sparky!

League Collegiate Wear® Arizona State University Women's Ra Ra Long Sleeve T-Shirt | $32.99*
I bought one of these shirts during the Shop-Off and haven't regretted it one bit! It is so comfy to wear around the house/dorm and once it gets cooler, I plan to wear it with my favorite pair of skinny jeans! *Currently on clearance!

Champion® Arizona State University Sun Devils T-Shirt | $24.00
And last but not least, a fun twist on the traditional t-shirt. This one has a small Sparky on the front left and this cute design on the back. Quick and easy to throw on with a pair of shorts on your way out of the house!

Alright ladies, good luck on finding those summer deals and, as always,


PS: If you're as much of a fan of ASU gear as I am, or just love some good deals, I highly recommend liking the Sun Devil Bookstore's Facebook page. That way you'll be among the first to know when they've got near gear or awesome promos!  https://www.facebook.com/sundevilbookstores?fref=ts

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keeping it Cool in the AZ Heat

Keeping it Cool in the AZ heat

This week begins the HOT summer season in AZ….can you say 113 degrees??
When temperatures hit the 100 degree mark, with it comes the need for a clothing strategy to stay cool!!  It’s not about the old adage of,  ‘never let them see you sweat’ - this is about SURVIVING the desert heat with wearing cooler fabrics, drinking lots of water, (or TAZO passion tea- my personal favorite) and finding activities that enable us to beat the heat!

So…. lets go swimming??

Float down the Salt River, paddle board on Tempe Town Lake or slide down that famous Slide Rock in Sedona!! You have so many options to plunge into the cool refreshing  AZ water!! http://www.riverboundsports.com        

Sad to say that many women will not to do any of those fantastic activities. Why? Well, because it requires wearing a bathing suit. Some of us would rather not ‘take the plunge’ because of how we feel about our bodies...how we feel about so much of our bodies being visible... to others.

Say, ‘YES!’ to your next pool party invitation!!

WDkw7q3TkzuhG8WBAS2_ZxG8HlI5YCDQpP-069PX32Y.jpg  9tIUhYi0EroRFq4l5EbhzLQKFhnT05GZuKLg2I6wRyY.jpg

You are invited! Your friends want to see you there! No one is going to think about your body but you.  Here is what we suggest to help take the pressure off of your body during swimsuit season:    

  1. Realize that every body is unique. Use this simple fact of your uniqueness to wear what will make you feel your best.  You don’t have to wear a bikini, if you feel more confident in a tankini or one piece.  Wear the color you love. Black can be everyones’ ‘comfort’ color for a suit, but you will radiate confidence in a color that makes you shine!

Check out Gabby’s bandeau in a fun pop of color!

Kelsey’s tankini is in a fun fish print that goes with her bubbly personality! She loves a swimsuit with unique details, like the ruffles at the top of her bikini bottoms.

  1. Everyone has challenges in shopping for a bathing suit...EVERYONE!
Take a friend shopping with you that has a similar body type or shape like you.  
It will hinder comparing each other and enable you to help each other and focus on your shopping goals. DON’T BE IN A HURRY! You need to try on different styles, too!


Retro styles are so cute and flattering! We LOVE Lindsey’s sweet polka dot one-piece.

When it comes to two-pieces, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Amanda’s suit color brings out her hair and skintone, and her swim skirt is a cute alternative to normal bikini bottoms!

    3.  Your friends want to be around you to have fun and build their friendship with  
you! Swimming, pool parties, water sports or any social occasions are for connecting
with others. Honestly, no one is there because they want to criticize your body.  Don’t let
how you feel about your body limit you from a fantastic social life in the summer!

Thank you to Alyssa Campbell Photography for the sweet underwater pictures! Check out more of her work here! 

Here are a few style tips for every body type when shopping for a bathing suit.  Certain styles REALLY do flatter more than others.