Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Ways to Work Red, White and Blue Into Your Fourth of July Outfit!

1. Wear a red lip!
Not only is a red lip a hot trend at the moment, but it is an absolutely perfect way to subtly add to your festive flair. BUT WAIT! Don’t just go throwing on any old cherry red lipstick- there is the perfect shade of red out there just to complement YOU! The best red for you may be more of a berry, orange, or deep red. But don’t worry! Even if your perfect tint varies from the classic US of A red, you’ll still be rocking a bright, bold, and beautiful look! Watch out world! This girl is a firecracker!

red lipstick.jpg

2. Oh Say Can You See…. With Those Really Cute Sunglasses?
Its summer ladies! That means that it’s time to buy some cute shades for those days outside by the pool! Just adding a pair or red, white or blue sunglasses to your look will keep you looking festive for the fourth! Check out this link to find the best frame for your face shape!  

3. (U)ltimate (S)kincare (A)lert!!!!
Okay, sorry, this is not a point regarding fourth of July style, but it is very necessary that I mention this. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! We are trying to avoid incorporating the color red into your look in this case (aka those super painful lobster-red sunburns). You can purchase high-SPF sheer Neutrogena sunscreen that won’t clog your pores at any local drug store as well as aloe lotion to treat any skin damage that may have occurred.

4. Star Spangled Ban...dana?
Okay, well bandanas, hats, headbands, or pretty much anything you can wear on your head (I’m sorry if that caption was misleading, but it was just too much fun).
Alright ladies, its summer, now is the time to break out the sun hats. Find one in red, white, or blue or simply tie some red, white, and blue ribbon around the base of a sunhat that you already own! Perfect for that outdoor picnic or poolside hangout when it’s 100 degrees outside. You can also wrap a bandana around your head and make a super cute headband! Below are some example looks and this link to a tutorial!

5. The Red Coats (of paint..) Are Coming! 
Whats more fun than some sparkly, festive nails to go with sparkly, festive sparklers and fireworks this holiday? There’s always the option to go to a salon and get them done, but just in case you are a poor college student like me, don’t worry! There are some fun DIY nail tutorials that you can do to get ready for the fourth! Click for tutorial: 1, 2

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July ladies!!

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