Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Travel Tips

Hello ladies!

It’s that time of year again when we’re all globetrotting, making summer memories, and having the time of our lives! So no matter where you’re going this summer, we have a few tips that help make traveling easier to tackle!

For short trips (less than a week):
1. Try fitting all your clothes into a carry-on so you don’t have to wait years at the baggage claim. Now, while this may seem like an impossible feat for some of you, fret not! Try planning out your outfits ahead of time using pieces that can be reworked in different outfits throughout the trip. This way, there’s less bulk in your bag, leaving more room for cute accessories and shoes to spice up your look!

2. If there’s absolutely no way you can re-wear pieces, lay out all of your outfits starting with the largest piece and work your way to the smallest piece (probably underwear and socks, gotta make sure you have the essentials!). Then, when you have everyday (including travel days) planned out, tuck in the sleeves of your shirt and roll it up! This saves a TON of space in your luggage!

For longer trips (a week or longer):
1. Pack some backup outfits in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. This way, you can be sure that you’re covered until it’s recovered. (Haha, get it? The pun, just couldn't resist)

2.  Once you’re unpacked, reserve your suitcase that you check for dirty laundry. Most hotels have a disposable laundry bag they offer, so line your suitcase with it (to keep your suitcase from getting dirty) and fold your clothes when you’re finished wearing them so you can pack them back up and then leave your carry-on for any cute souvenirs!

3. Wear a pair of shoes you know are comfy and you’ll wear often throughout your trip to travel, so you only have to pack one pair of shoes and save the space!

Other tips:
1. Use empty toilet paper rolls to keep jewelry from getting tangled

2. TSA regulations require that all liquids taken on an airplane must be in 3oz. bottles or less and must fit in a quart-sized clear plastic bag. If this seems absolutely impossible to you, pack your liquids in a secure plastic bag and pack them between your outfit rolls, this will keep them cushioned and less likely to break, but if they do, the bag will catch the spill.

3. Get a Flo travel perfume dispenser (found at Ulta and other makeup retailers), so you can pack your favorite perfume and you don’t have to survive off tiny Sephora samples!

I hope these tips help you out! Happy wanderlust girls!

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